hearthstone battlegrounds minion tier list

Hearthstone Battlegrounds Tier List of Best Heroes

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We are here to help you to increase your ranking – with our hearthstone battlegrounds tier list of the heroes, minion and cards for the current version of Hearthstone Battlegrounds is the all-new Auto Battler game mode for Blizzard’s successful card game.

This differs fundamentally from competitors like Teamfight Tactics and Dota Underlords because you choose one of 24 heroes and you still recruit your servants in the form of playing cards. With our best heroes, we want to help you to improve your personal rating and to rise in the ranking. We have divided the heroes into five categories – within these categories, however, they are no longer sorted by strength, but rather comparatively strong.

Hearthstone Battlegrounds Tier List

Hearthstone Battlegrounds Tier List


Nefarian is the king of late games. With his heroic ability, you inflict a damage point on all enemy servants, with which you can remove their shield from all enemies. Since his ability costs only 1 gold, it can be easily integrated into your moves in mid-game. His weakness is his lack of pace in the early game, but the longer the game runs, the stronger he gets.

A.F. Karla

A.F. Karla’s heroic ability is very special. You are guaranteed to lose the first two rounds of each game, but you will get two recruitment plans for inn levels 3 and 4. If you can recruit strong servants with them, you have a huge head start and can use your gold to expand the tavern. However, if you get bad servants, you are at a disadvantage in every way. Since their ability has no further advantages for the rest of the game, it will be difficult to make a comeback.

The curator

Getting a free 1/1 servant may not seem very strong at first glance. But since the mutation unites all types of servants, it is the perfect target to buff them with all kinds of battle cries. In the course of the game, you can use the initially weak beast to create a real monster with ridicule, poison and a shield.

Brann Bronzebeard

Brann’s ability to help makes every servant with a battle cry the bottom line better. Since battle cry servants can also buff themselves, it is worthwhile to choose a Murloc tide hunter or backyard stray, for example, at the start of the game. His great strength is his pace – his ability is useful in all phases of the game, especially if you are following a battle cry composition.

Patchwork starts with 60 instead of 40 life points. This hearthstone battlegrounds tier list cards allows you to invest your money in inn upgrades in the early rounds when you lose little damage if you lose. So you can better prepare for the late game and clean up the field from behind.

The Lich King

The Lich King’s ability helps you protect an important servant from an untimely end. As a rule, you affect your ability on servants who become stronger during the round, such as scavenging hyena or scrap bot. But a servant with a strong death rattle effect can also serve as a worthwhile target.

Elise star seeker

The recruitment plan that you receive with Elise when you upgrade the inn lets you choose between three servants for free. These always correspond to the level that your inn has just reached. This ability is extremely powerful in hearthstone battlegrounds because you also have lower-level servants when you refresh the inn.

hearthstone battlegrounds hero tier list

Ability is particularly powerful at the highest inn levels, since the chances of finding an important key servant with a single recruitment plan are significantly higher than refreshing.


Yogg-Saron has two major advantages: He provides you with buffed servants early on and is the only hero who can recruit servants for only 2 gold. So, you can already buy two servants at the same time in round 3 and build up a strong board early to get into the mid and end of the game without losing a life.

Hearthstone Battlegrounds Minion Tier List


Sindragosa’s strength is the early game. In the first round you should buy a servant and freeze the remaining ones and thus buff. In the second round you can upgrade the inn and freeze the servants again. In round 3 you can now buy a buffed servant, freeze the rest again and hire strengthened servants in the next round Рideally the two you have been freezing since the first round.

Since the pure stats are most important in the early game, from round 4 you have an extremely strong board with three buffed servants and a very good basis to transition to mid- and late-game.

George the Fallen

The God’s signs from Gustav are particularly powerful in late game – but also expensive. However, these shields are preserved over several rounds, so that you can permanently strengthen your important servants – such as scrap bots or scavenging hyenas. Whoever makes it into the late game has a big advantage (unless you play against a Nefarian), but the little there will be difficult.

The Rat King

The ability of the rat king is extremely strong and it is in top of hearthstone battlegrounds tier list, but also random because servants of a different faction get + 1 / + 2 each time they buy. So you can build a strong board from a single fraction, but menagerie decks are also possible. But there are also games in which you are simply out of luck and can hardly benefit from your ability. A lot depends on the first round:

Lord Jaraxxus

The ability of Jaraxxus is really strong in theory: You can distribute a total of up to + 7 / + 7 to your servants per turn. Unfortunately, the demons are currently one of the weakest factions. Nevertheless, you can have good games with Jaraxxus if you can enroll a large number of different demons early on to use your ability effectively.

Queen Wagtoggle

Queen Waggel can buff your servants – at least a little. If you play a menagerie board, you can constantly strengthen it for little gold. However, it is difficult to take great advantage of the buffs, as important servants for menagerie decks only appear later in the game.

However, your ability buffs may not make the biggest difference anymore. It has its greatest strength in the early game because then you can often decide individual rounds for yourself due to the stat advantages.

Hearthstone Battlegrounds Hero Tier List

Prince Gallywix

Gallywix makes you a little more flexible with your gold use. If you still have something left after a round, you can take one gold coin per hand and spend it later. Among other things, this enables you to upgrade the inn faster or buy more servants in important rounds.

Infinite Toki

The description of Toki’s ability in the game is unfortunately incorrect: Instead of being given a servant of a higher inn level, this appears on the far right of the inn. Unfortunately, this ability only really pays off in the endgame, since many of the servants you can see with it initially are not really usable.

Sir Finley Mrrgglton

Sir Finley gives a random servant + 1 / + 1 when you sell a servant. However, this effect is of little use: in the early rounds can still make a difference, you often don’t have enough servants to use this effectively. In the later rounds, it is usually much easier to simply use a battle cry servant to buff.

Professor Putricide

Professor Plague Murder gives the servant on the far left the next turn +10 attack. This hearthstone battlegrounds tier list cards can be used effectively in two ways: in the early game, you can reinforce a weak servant so that he can take out an opponent – in the late game servants who also hit neighboring enemies can benefit greatly from it.

However, his ability is extremely predictable and therefore easy to counter – an enemy with ridicule and God’s shield makes them useless directly.


Pyramidos grants two additional life points to a random servant. What appears to be strong in the early game quickly loses importance and no longer plays a role in the late game at the latest.

While Ragnaros still regularly takes care of servants in mid-game and can eliminate growing threats in late-game, Glubschauge usually fails in mid-game. Ultimately, you only use your ability later in the game to (hopefully) neutralize your opponent’s God shields.

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